TES Global Solutions

Collaborative Efficiency Solutions

Providing essential solutions in

TES Energy works with utility companies and their residential, commercial, industrial and institutional consumers to tailor and design energy management plans and efficiency programs.

TES Development is intertwined in every aspect of a property’s life cycle from acquisitions, construction management, property disposal, energy efficiency retrofits, facilities management and asset management.

TES Training Institute pioneers career reform with initiatives based in energy and strategically targeted training, and employment support services – setting the standard for energy industry training.

TES Consulting helps top executives make better decisions, improve processes and implement change with the sole purpose of achieving sustainable success regarding all aspects of business.

TES T&I offers technology solutions with an emphasis on Enterprise Applications and Integration, Big Data and Customized Database Management, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Solutions and Cyber Security Services.

We connect, bridge and link people, companies and opportunities.

Each subsidiaries’ teams are comprised of experts in relevant fields, allowing us to meet the needs of our clients on every level through our holistic approach.